Collect rich points, lines and polygons,
Map Annotation: arrow, text...
Geo-tagged photos...

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Work Offline

Field work offline - no internet required, real-time sync capability when internet available

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Custom Form

Attribute Data Type: Label, Text, Number, Pick list, Signature, Sketch, Barcode, RFId, Formula, Date, Time, TimeStamp

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Project Setup

Collection Forms, Layer Configuration, Import Master / Reference data, Export to KMZ, Shapefile...

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New Features

Move Point / whole object, Auto Track, Merge polyline, Save location, Divide Polyline / Polygon...

Custom Style

Control Icon, color, line width, line style by Attribute

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Use Cases

Industries: Telecom, Petroleum and Natural Gas , Forestry, Utility , Agricultural, Environmental...

Get Started

The ANDMAP system is a custom configured "turn-key" solution. more info >>

#1 Create an account

With email address, will get an email notification to activate your account.

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Create an account

#2 Project Setup

  • Create projects
  • Define your custom data collection forms
  • Import your project data in KMZ, CSV...
  • Load KMZ as reference layers

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Project Setup

#3 Download

  • Download Andmap Mobile App from Google Play
  • Download project data / pre-load data to your device
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#4 Fieldwork

  • Field work offline - no internet required
  • Real-time sync capability when internet available

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Do your field work

#5 Upload

Once the data uploaded from the device, you can review/edit data with Andmap online tools. Also you can export the data to Shapefile, KMZ...

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What our users say

"An Outstanding Mapping and Auditing Tool - Second to None!! The Custom Built Site and Dedicated Server has truly played an instrumental part in developing a Tool that really works for us. This App continually allows us to refine our skills and further enhance our field methodology. Truly customised to meet our needs. Fantastic assistance from the Developer and quick to provide turnaround on any issues and new processes. A must have App!"
Dave Martin
Lend Lease Group
"GIS relevant solution for field data collection Very well supported app. The developer will adapt to fit your needs and is more than willing to accept input. The only smartphone app that I have found that can effectively replace GIS specific (expensive) equipment and do so effectively. I look forward to seeing Andmap continue to advance. Thanks!"
Joe Nicholas
National Park Service
"I think this is the best GIS data collection app I've used. Faster and easier to use then the expensive Windows Mobile professional apps on rugged field computers I've used. The developers respond to my every inquiry and even add the features that I request. Highly recommended if you need a serious GIS data collector and geophoto management app with online data storage and manager."
Emil Robles

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